Restaurants on the Route

Whether you live in Portland or are staying in a hotel while you visit, this series will help you locate easily accessible restaurants by highlighting palate-worthy dining options on each of TriMet’s bus, MAX, and Portland Streetcar routes.

Click here to read more about this series and how it came to be.

     Bus Line 4 – Division/Fessenden 

picnic     Bus Line 9 – Powell Blvd

VQ     Bus Line 10 – Harold

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     Bus Line 14 – Hawthorne


10682672_822297834500104_1531829420_o     Bus Line 19 – Woodstock/Glisan

More routes to come! Check back weekly for newly added routes. If you are eager to see what your neighborhood has to offer, add a comment requesting which bus route closest to your house or hotel you would like me to feature next.

Cover photo by Adam Sawyer.


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