Festivals & Special Events

Portland is host to a variety of festivals and special events, and it’s one of the things that makes our city such a fun place to live and visit. Featured here are some of the best festivals and events the city has to offer, and how to get there by bus or train.

8373005818_667b57ae86_o     Portland’s top restaurants & chefs offer $29 3-course meals…

2013_TP_winter_holidayale010-652x521     Holiday Ale Festival: Go by bus & let TriMet do the driving

pairings     Portland Extends #GivingTuesday into #AWeekToGive

Flora5     Little Boxes: Shopping by Bus on Black Friday & Small Busin…

pioneer     Holiday Tree Lightings & Festivals in Portland

     Pickathon Indie Roots Music Festival

Bite     Bite of Oregon


Header image on all Festivals pages courtesy of Michael Orlosky.

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