Restaurants on the Route: Bus Line 9 – Powell Blvd

TriMet bus line 9-Powell Blvd connects Gresham, SE Portland, and Portland City Center. Some of my favorite restaurants in Portland are along this route. And who knew downtown Gresham had so many fantastic restaurants?! Line 9 is a frequent service bus, runs early in the morning until late at night, and is available seven days a week. If the 9 is not your regular bus, I suggest finding a bus that connects to the 9 so that you too can experience these phenomenal eateries.

The closest 9 bus stops are listed for each restaurant below, and restaurants are in order of the route from Gresham to Portland. For additional trip planning assistance, visit and enter your starting location and the restaurant’s address as the ending location for a detailed trip itinerary.

Selma’s Mediterranean Bakery & Deli 184 Northeast 2nd Street, Gresham, OR 97030


Photo by Don B. on Yelp

4.5 Stars on Yelp $

“Selma’s is located in the heart of Gresham’s Old town. You will find delicious food the whole family will love at affordable prices. Selma’s food is always fresh and healthy. She never uses any preservatives, or additives in any of her dishes. There is also a large selection in Gluten-free, Vegetarian and Vegan dishes. Step into the the family and enjoy a slice of the Mediterranean. Come and sample the large assortments of delicious, and nutritious Mediterranean delicacies. Eat in or take out.” ~Selma’s Mediterranean Bakery & Deli

Nearest line 9 bus stops:

The Local Cow 336 N Main St, Gresham, OR 97030


Photo by Claire and Amy A. on Yelp

4 Stars on Yelp $$

“The Local Cow proudly serves Oregon Natural Meat’s pasture raised and source verified beef cattle. After being selected for the ONM program, they are then fed a high-quality ration consisting of “upcycled” brewer’s grain from local microbreweries. Animals in the Oregon Natural Meats program are born in Oregon, fed and processed in close proximity to Eugene, Oregon, by a small network of families committed to providing natural restaurant quality meat with minimal processing, no added hormones or antibiotics, and using sustainable and humane systems.” ~The Local Cow

Nearest line 9 bus stops:

Nicholas Restaurant 323 North Main Avenue, Gresham, OR 97030


Photo by Nicholas Restaurant on Facebook

4 Stars on Yelp $$

“We specialize in Lebanese & Middle Eastern Cuisine and have been serving Portland since 1986. We insist on everything being made from scratch with no shortcuts. No canned garbanzos or canned eggplant for the baba. Only the freshest bread, baked from scratch. What you see coming out of our oven speaks for itself. Using high quality ingredients is very important to us. Not just for flavor – cooking right is part of our culture. We really love making good food.” ~Nicholas Restaurant

Nearest line 9 bus stops:

Trufflehunter 225 West Powell Boulevard, Gresham, OR 97030


Photo by Trufflehunter on Facebook

4 Stars on Yelp $$

“Truffle Hunter is a family owned and operated restaurant in the heart of downtown Gresham, located right next to the post office. Stop in and enjoy a homemade meal! The best homemade food from scratch in the heart of Gresham Oregon. We are known for Yankee Pot Roast, homemade bread, soups, and desserts. Open 7 days a week.” ~Trufflehunter

Nearest line 9 bus stops:

Yami Sushi & Teriyaki 1064 Southwest Highland Drive, Gresham, OR 97080


Photo by Sara C. on Yelp

4 Stars on Yelp $$

“We are one of the newest Asian restaurants in Gresham. That does not mean that we are new to creating delicious tasting and amazing looking dishes that will satisfy your hunger every time. Our guests place their trust in our quality and enjoy the friendly atmosphere in our restaurant.” ~Yami Sushi and Teriyaki

Nearest line 9 bus stops:

Bucket Brigade Sports Bar & Restaurant 8012 Southeast Powell Boulevard, Portland, OR 97206


Photo by Doug T. on Yelp

4 Stars on Yelp $$

“The Bucket Brigade is one of Portland’s most recognized neighborhood sports bars. The warm and inviting staff will quickly learn your name and how you like your martini.  Your experience at the Bucket will always lift your spirits and you will leave feeling welcomed and satisfied.  With an amazing brand new menu and a tantalizing array of drinks,  your experience at the Bucket Brigade is sure to be pleasing. The next time you’re in the neighborhood, longing for an ice cold beer, a fire chief burger and looking for a great venue to watch your favorite team or UFC fight,  drop in at the Bucket Brigade and experience it for yourself.” ~Bucket Brigade

Nearest line 9 bus stops:

@Pho.Com Vietnamese Restaurant 7901 SE Powell Blvd Ste k, Portland, OR 97206


Photo by Momo B. on Yelp

4 Stars on Yelp $$

“Whether it is a quiet dinner for two or a food adventure with the whole family, dining becomes a memorable experience at restaurant. With a passion for creativity and unique tastes, our owner ‘Jasmine Nguyen’, with her  medical knowledge has committed to bring fresh, healthy, and authentic Vietnamese dishes to ensure the highest quality ingredients for  your meals. mission is to offer a wide variety of delicious food in a comfortable dining atmosphere. There are plenty of choices for you and your family to experience at Vietnamese Cuisine. Our menu consist of the ever so popular Beef noodle soup (Pho), and variety of Vietnamese rice and noodle dishes.”

Nearest line 9 bus stops:

Midpoint 3524 Southeast 52nd Avenue, Portland, OR 97206


Photo by Midpoint on Facebook

4.5 Stars on Yelp $

“What an absolute gem. The sisters who founded and operated Dots for 20 years have just opened a quaint new space in the fopo neighborhood. Family friendly with a full bar and 4 taps. They serve breakfast until 3pm. Lunch and dinner menu until close. I have been very pleased with everything I’ve eaten so far and the service is always warm and genuine. Kids menu is very affordable and they have some great happy hour deals. Really hoping to see this place take off, though I have no doubt it will be a great success. Cheers!!” ~Sugarbee D. on Yelp

Nearest line 9 bus stops:

Siri Thai Restaurant 5234 Southeast Powell Boulevard, Portland, OR 97206


Photo by Kate J. on Yelp

4.5 Stars on Yelp $$

“I was loosing faith in Thai food restaurants prior to finding this little gem!! Clean, neat and tidy place. Inviting and open, service was friendly and attentive. Best part— the food was bursting with flavor and freshness. Loved it! I’ve already texted my wife with the good news, ‘I found a new Thai place, we gotta come here!'” ~Ti S. on Yelp

Nearest line 9 bus stops:

Pho Hung 4717 Southeast Powell Boulevard, Portland, OR 97206


Photo by Mee M. on Yelp

4 Stars on Yelp $

“Just the right amount of spicy-salty-savory for your late Saturday morning. Phenomenal Pho and some seriously mouthwatering fried spring rolls let me full AND wanting more! I surrounded myself with libations, fiendishly slurping broth, then oolong tea, some flawless vietnamese esspresso, and cleansing with H2O. The meal was uber affordable, and I WILL be back. nom nom nom.” ~Devon D. on Yelp

Nearest line 9 bus stops:

Hopworks Urban Brewery 2944 Southeast Powell Boulevard, Portland, OR 97202


Photo by Amber T. on Yelp

4 Stars on Yelp $$

“Hopworks Urban Brewery offers world-class organic beer and fresh food in a relaxed, family-friendly atmosphere. Over the course of 18 months we transformed an old tractor showroom into this cozy, industrial brewpub using green building principles. From rain barrels to composting, and from pervious pavers to hand dryers, we make every effort to protect our future with thoughtful attention. Hopworks is 100% renewably powered and “cradle to gate” carbon neutral. Look around, relax, enjoy and raise a pint to living with purpose! We appreciate you doing your part to support sustainable business and look forward to seeing you.  Cheers!” ~Hopworks Urban Brewery

Nearest line 9 bus stops:

Nong’s Khao Man Gai 411 Southwest College Street, Portland, OR 97201


Photo by Nong’s Khao Man Gai on Facebook

4.5 Stars on Yelp $

“Pork and Rice (Khao Kha Muu): Pork Hog (Carlton Farms) braised in coca cola, coco powder, Thai and Chinese herbs and spice on jasmine rice, pickle mustard greens and boiled egg with pickle Thai chili sauce. Chicken and Rice  (Khao Man Gai): Poached, organic chicken (Mary’s chicken) with rice simmer in chicken stock and Thai herbs, served with sauce of fermented soybeans, fresh hand peeled ginger, fresh hand peeled garlic, thai chilies, vinegar, house made syrup and soy sauce. Garnished with cucumbers and cilantro, and accompanied by a light soup (house made organic chicken broth).” ~from the Menu at the PSU Nong’s Khao Man Gai

Nearest line 9 bus stops:

The Picnic House 723 Southwest Salmon Street, Portland, OR 97205


Photo by The Picnic House

4 Stars on Yelp $$

“The Picnic House/Barow is blessed with the abundance of local produce and products. Our menu features the following purveyors: Fleur de Lis, Chop, Alexis Foods, Viridian Farms, Cascade Organics Co-op, SP Provisions, Hama Hama Oysters, PDX Ice. We also enjoy the collective produce from Portland’s Farmers Markets. Let’s gather al freso at the PICNIC HOUSE. Where together we savor the OUTSIDE IN. Where the air feels fresh & the grass SMELLS GREEN. Where the sun smiles bright & the moon LAUGHS LIGHT. Sit back, relax, share edibles, IMBIBE. Home is where the BLANKET LAYS.” ~The Picnic House

Nearest line 9 bus stops:

Little Bird Bistro 219 Southwest 6th Avenue, Portland, OR 97204


Photo by Ken L. on Yelp

4 Stars on Yelp $$$

“I had one of the best meals of my life at Little Bird. It’s a cute, cozy little space. We ordered the duck sausage tart with salted foie gras to start, followed by: chicken-fried trout, served as semi-cut pieces with fresh herbs, radish and pickled carrots that you piled into accompanying lettuce leaves for a little wrap; truffle butter corn; and sheep cheese turnovers. Everything was delicious, especially the trout, and prices seemed more than fair for the quality and portion size. Would love to return!” ~Elizabeth H. on Yelp 

Nearest line 9 bus stops:

Article by Stephanie Paris

Cover photo by The Picnic House


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