Meriwether’s Restaurant on Line 15

Meriwether’s Restaurant & Skyline Farm 2601 NW Vaughn St, Portland, OR 97210


For those of us that live in Portland, we hear terms like local, seasonal, organic, and farm-to-table so often that if at least 2 of these qualifiers are not present in a restaurant’s claim to fame, they hardly seem worth our time. With so many exceptional dining options in Portland, you’ve really got to stand out to get noticed. And Meriwether’s is doing just that. They have taken farm-to-table to a new level by being one of just a handful of restaurants in the country that are truly farm-to-table, meaning they grow their own food on their own 5-acre vegetable farm, just up the road in nearby Forest Park. When they combine their own farm’s peak-of-the-season harvest with the bounty from other local farmers, fishers, and ranchers of the Pacific Northwest, what results is an ideal cornucopia from which to craft a spectacular menu. The symbiotic relationship between farmer, chef, and epicure may have just reached its peak. 4 Stars on Yelp. $$$

Nearest Line 15 bus stops:

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Article by Stephanie Paris and Adam Sawyer

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