Butterfly Belly on Line 4

Butterfly Belly 6036 SE Division St, Portland, OR 97206

Photo by Stephanie Paris

For some of you, finding the best pho restaurants in your area is like knowing your closest exits on an airplane – essential for survival. Butterfly Belly might just be your escape to Asian belly bliss. The menu describes their pho rice noodle soup as “truly a labor of love,” taking an entire day’s process. It is served with a side of bean sprouts, basil, jalapenos, lime, and garnished with cilantro, yellow onions and scallions, and it is very tasty indeed. Even as good as it is, the owner states that their pho is always evolving and improving, and they listen intently to their customers’ preferences and feedback. The pho may be Butterfly Belly’s claim to fame, but they also offer a diverse selection of delectable dishes from all over Asia. And don’t skip the appetizers. They’ve got some of the best spring rolls in town. 4.5 Stars on Yelp. $

Nearest Line 4 bus stops:

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Article by Stephanie Paris

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